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Project manager

Proselect - Liège - 12 hours ago

Knauf Insulation is part of the Knauf group, and for years has been the official producer and distributor of various products includin...

Infrastructure Engineer

AXA Belgium - Stavelot - 12 hours ago

The Ardennes Prévoyante is looking for a Infrastructure Engineer with solid technical skills, wishing to grow in a versatile position, read...

Quality Control Technician

Alken-Maes - Aubel - 12 hours ago

Go on..But where to, you wonder? To wherever your ambition takes you.Because at Alken-Maes you'll get the opportunity to sample the most vib...

HR Specialist L&D & Recruitment

HUDSON - Luik - 12 hours ago

BEA Sensors is a leading Belgian manufacturer specialized in the development of automatic door detection solutions for a variety of industri...